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City of Zombies

Developer: ZikySoft

City of Zombies is a third-person zombie shooter mobile game. Abandoning the traditional PVP card game mode , City of Zombies combines the original dot-dash,unlimited free walk and release skills. Also with unique art style and novel strategy plays, let you have different game feelings. Come and join us now!Features※ Original dot-dash,free walkUnlimited free walk and release skills, go as you like, all by yourself.※ Various battle modesCity of Zombies contains various combat modes, "Competitive","Story", "Biography", "Activity", "Trials of the road" and other modes, different stages to meet the needs of different players.※ Legend Heroes,Powerful Boss invasionPowerful Boss invasion, fight with your friends.Players battle squad is full of legendary heroes, they have special abilities that a household with luxuriant style, making good use of their characteristics makes your enemy scared.※ Multidimensional growing systemCity of Zombies contains multiple growth line, players can strengthen heroes, chips, equipment and planes. Players every fight can choose different equipment, and with the addition of multidimensional strength for players to have more space on the growth.※ Seamless joint, the whole point of operationPerfect fit with the phone, 360 degree full screen touch and slide unrestricted freedom to go places, to present you the most perfect experience.